Sites Related to Career Development

Sites Related to Career Development

Following are some sites who are working for Career Development. 

2005: Yahoo acquired Flickr for $30 million.
2007: MySpace acquired Photobucket for $250 million.
2008: Getty agreed to purchase Jupiter (who owned StockXpert) for $96 million.
2009: Shutterstock bought buy BigStockPhoto.
2012: In April, Facebook signed a deal to buy Instagram for $1 billion!

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Welcome to the new and improved! The site contains GIS job advertisements and resumés for Geographic Information Systems and Geography related positions. Other areas covered are remote sensing, mapping and cartography, forestry, spatial analysis and many more.

For more details visit GISCAREERS.COM

Career Magnifier contains over 500 careers and courses, including the latest careers and website resources. It is suitable for high school students, graduates, adults, and professionals.

Visit GROPER CAREER TEST for more details.

Fast track your career by building in-demand IT skills, domain expertise or hands-on IT experience on IT Career Coach. 

Visit  IT-CAREER-COACH.NET for details

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